My plans…


This is my first blog, and with it will come come difficulties in the writing and idea generating portions of it, so I hope anyone who will actually read this will keep that in mind. My name is Alexis and I am a 21 years old transgender girl trying to work through difficulties of college and work, but who doesn’t have those difficulties anyway. (And if you didn’t get it from the URL I also like anime).

I am starting this blog mainly to write about my ideas on different things and about events that happen in my life which I think are worthwhile to write down here.  So, in a way I guess this blog is sort of an open diary with my ideas being written down for anyone who wants to look at them.

Because of this, I suspect many of the posts will be about the struggles I am having in life whether through work and college or my transition (only been on hormones for 2 months at this point), but hopefully they will be nearly all happy/informational/inspiring in the near future.