Making Up for Lost Time

It has been quite a while (nearly 8 months or so but who’s counting) since my last post and, obviously, many things have happened. ¬†From spending time with my boyfriend (yes, someone actually asked me and wanted to date me somehow) to hours spent away at work or looking for different work, I just haven’t really felt like making any blog posts. There were a few times where I would get on, think to myself “hey, I should go write about some of the stuff that’s happening” and then almost immediately go onto doing other things like playing video games or just getting distracted by some nonsense.

On the school and class side of things, there have been no real new developments at all, and at this point I’m unsure of whether or not I will even take any fall classes. If I end up taking one or two classes, they will almost certainly end up being online classes since that’s what would work best with my current and probable schedule in the future.

Speaking of my schedule, it’s absolutely and completely messed up! On most days I end up doing things with my boyfriend until early in the morning and usually end up waking up somewhere around 1-2 pm in the afternoon. I know this isn’t really healthy and will have to change with most jobs i could get later on but I just love spending time with him I don’t really want to stop.

Going on to some of my cosplay ideas, I’m going to be attending Matsuricon in a few weeks and have gotten most of the stuff ready for my Astolfo cosplay (Fate/Apocrypha). I was thinking about doing both the casual and normal cosplay’s of him but I’m probably going to end up just doing his normal outfit since there’s not much time left. ¬†Still not sure on the day I’ll wear it but it’ll probably end up being Saturday like I usually do. Otherwise I also have a new partial (as in no wig) Rem cosplay so if I can get a wig in time I might wear that on Friday.

Also I’m playing on Fate/Grand Order so if you want to add me here’s my friend ID: 293,914,377